Building the paper bed

So, we recently got a bed made of cardboard. As you can see, the cats loved it from the start.

Trying to start the paper bed

This being the modern era, though, some assembly was required. Each slat was three pieces of cardboard that had to be folded, holes punched out, and then the pieces locked together.

Building the paper bed - Bottom

Eventually, all parts of the bottom were folded and assembled, and could be set up and joined together.

Building the paper bed - Bottom built

The top of the bed was a lot harder to assemble. Those pieces were nearly rigid and took a lot of force to fold. Even then, getting one piece on was a two-person job, as it had to be held at both ends and shoved in.

Building the paper bed - Mostly built

The bed, finally fully complete.

Building the paper bed - Fully built